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Why we decided to start this foundation and what does it mean for the future?

The Mission

@ the spin foundation we want scientist to able to use their knowledge and skills for projects that they consider worth their time.

Science in the 21st century needs to be flexible, efficient and ready to adapt as well as seizing opportunities.


The big discoveries of sciences of

50 years ago such as :

automation, AI, machine learning.


Data now governs a lot of todays

world and are developping into

more complex versions.

Science, to adapt and responds, needs private research and practical applications of knowledge and skills.


However we can see that science funding is completly counterproductive and time consuming.  It is made for accademical research dine in a certain way with a certain frame, that doesn’t take into consideration the real needs of svcientist for progress.


If only scientist time and knowledge was use to actual research by giving them the freedom and resources needed for real progress.

The Foundation
The mission
The vision

The Vision: Tomorrow we support fundamental  


What do we do?

Pushing great scientific minds to use their skills and competence to start and build endeavours with world impact and market disruption potential

Accompanying, through business competence, expertise and funding , scientists to create revolutionary companies

Re-investing the foundation profits into fundamental research and scientists

Giving sponsors and scientists a return on their investment

Giving grants to individual investigators and their projects  

Launching the Island Institute  to conduct scientific research in-house by supporting teams of top researchers in fundamental physics and cosmology

Offering a modern and efficient context that nurtures progress and simplifies processes

The team

Our team is formed by a combination of scientists, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, philantropists which believe European science can benefit from a new, fresh and proactive approach to funding.


Through the combination of different expertise and skills we bring together projects made by people with  common goals:




Make science better and give opportunities to scientists to focus on what is really important

Bring back to science great talents who have left for the corporate world because of lack of opportunities and funding in their fields

Create projects that will serve the world using great scientific knowledge and skills.



Who can join the team?

very different people have different roles to play in the Spin Foundation.

The most important thing is having a real passion for science and wanting to transform the way society today uses science.

contact us to discuss:

Current collaborators:

Professor Licia Verde

Doctor Alberto Cetoli

The Team


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