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Why become a sponsor for the spin foundation?

There's many ways and reasons to sponsor the Spin foundation.

The foundation is thought so sponsors have five ways of investing their money.

@spin-foundation we receive donations from people passionate about science

@spin-foundation we also get sponsorship by companies interested in giving a project to scientific minds who will help them in solving a problem or helping them grow.

Grants in one of the scientific inspired start-up projects.

These projects aim to develop unique products or services that can create return on investment. in this case sponsors will be given measurable results proving that the net gain will be more then the cost.


Every project is different and comes with a detailed business plan and exit strategy.

 Funders are looking for efficiencies and good systems that can track and build reports on the grants that they make.

This is a great way to get involve in the project and help in it's development.


As a business Angel investor, you will bring your knowledge to the table and be one of the pillars that ensures the success of the project. 


You might even have a project in mind, to bring to the table that shows potential in your field. 

Become a Business

Angel investor for one of the start-up we nurture

Sponsor for commissioned specific research

or project

This is for companies who want to commissioned scientists to work on a specific project that can help their industry or solve a tangible problem.

So many industries now have to deal with a lot of Data... but most enterprises can't find a way to using this Data efficiently. What about commissioning a group of scientists to help you with that?

This is for companies or individuals who want to change the face of science by sponsoring a researcher ( phd, postdoc or professor), coming from an under represented minority.

By individual sponsorship, we would ensure a research fellowship position in one of the biggest astrophysics & cosmology institution, as well as a professional mentoring.

Sponsor a researcher for under represented minorities in science

Donations for research

This is for companies or individuals who  are passionate about science and wants to ensure the development of new astrophysics line of research and international collaborations.

These Funds will be solely used by the Island institute and dedicated to  fundamental research.

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